About Us

Tourism is very popular in Iceland.  Every year a lot of tourists travel all around the country.  Information can sometimes be limited and hard to find quality information regarding attractions.  In many cases tourists have info on paper, reading about attractions after finding them on a regular map.

We believe we can do better, by offering high quality app for tourists.  Showing attractions in a easy to use app, including locations, text, images and even audio.

For example, in our Thingvellir app, you can simply plug in your earphones and listen to our narrator telling you about the places in Thingvellir, you can easily find the interesting places, even mark them as visited and filter out the places you have already visited, making it easier to find the places yet to visit.  You can also download our images to your phone and use them as you see fit.

Our goal is to make high quality apps on multiple locations around Iceland.  Making visiting thoose places more enjoyable for you.